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Overhaul Your Interior Design Business in 3 Days to Finally Get Paid What You Are Worth

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Wednesday, November 3rd thru Friday, November 5th, 2021 11:00 AM EST — 7:00 PM EST

Terri Taylor, ASID, NCIDQ
Interior Design Business Expert, Coach, Speaker

By learning the new rules of the game, you'll create a successful design business that can generate consistent sales and an endless stream of referrals.

The Design Biz Summit is your chance to discover how to position yourself to be highly profitable doing what you love.

It's time to transform your interior design business into a profitable one that gives you the time and money to do what you love.

That looks like charging what you’re actually worth instead of of just a couple hours here and there.

That looks like a substantial design fee that is based on a budget that the client has agreed to and a true scope of work.

That means having a strong, confident mindset backed up with a clear, step-by-step “recipe” for design services that clients love to say “yes” to.

Now, you just need to learn the strategies to make it happen.

Attract six-figure design jobs, but something’s still not right, because, after all your hard work, you don’t have much to show for it.

Work on little jobs that eat up your time, don’t produce a profit, and you’re stuck not knowing how to change them into paying jobs.

Dream of those design jobs where you could use high-end furniture, but you don’t know how to attract those clients.

Love the technical and architectural side of the business, do great remodeling jobs, but can’t seem to make a good living doing them.

Only attract the types of clients who just want the cheapest price to be found on the internet.

Do an excellent job on remodels, your clients are thrilled with the results, but you can’t seem to get to the next phase of interior design or furniture.

Right now... You probably feel frustrated and overwhelmed if you:

Understand what a Budget on the Fly is for a design or furniture job and what an Exploratory Offer is for a remodeling job—and why your client will be thrilled that you are doing this for them (and the many, many ways you will benefit.)

Eliminate costly re-do and re-design time surprises by always having a client budget agreement on any new job before committing to a fee and starting to design.

How to clearly and confidently ask for what you want, including big-dollar furniture, new-build, and remodeling jobs, and the higher fees that go with them. (hint: Pass the salt…)

Base your design fee on a REAL agreed-upon budget that includes all the high-end furniture, finishes, and fixtures your client wants.

Discover the time management and boundary strategy that ensures that you are able to complete the job in the number of hours your design fee provides.

Why it’s important to limit your time around nay-sayers and negative feedback if you want to propel your business forward.

Create a Letter of Agreement that helps manage the job for you, describing how many meetings, how many space plans, how many specification options, even the date that this design plan will be completed. (no more jobs that run on forever!)

Learn the strategy to put in place so you always get to complete the whole interior design/furnishings part of the new build or remodeling job and never lose it to the construction overruns.

After spending 3 days with Terri and our IDBA members, you will…

Yes! I want all of this!

“Wow, what an incredible 3 days last week at Summit! I learned so much and it far exceeded my expectations! The energy was amazing and the opportunity to talk to other designers was so valuable. Plus your content was just WOW!”

Jeanne Collins
JerMar Designs LLC

Maria Videla
The Art of Room Design

“Really can't thank you enough, your energy is very contagious and the way you answered every question highlights not only your experience but also your abundant mindset to create a perfect balance of give and take in the client/designer relationship. The group of designers was very inspiring and it was interesting to see how we all share very similar challenges in very different parts of the country.”

“I am all Fired UP and IGNITED!  Thank you Terri for being ALL IN for us and for providing such an AMAZING 3 days, chock full of all sorts of 'Aha's', Inspiration, and Solid Gold, Tried & True, Practical tools that I immediately began implementing the moment you shared them!  I feel so hopeful, grounded and supported!  Wow, wow, WOW!  You and the rest of the Rock-Star members of Team IDBA have always been there for me and I am 100% committed and ALL IN for our next steps together!”

Robin Heard
Robin Heard Design

Thea Stephens
Domistyle Design, Inc

“Thank you for the months of preparation you invested in the creation of Design Summit 2020. It was terrific! I am inspired, awed and motivated to move forward. The outstanding memories for me include first and foremost seeing people's faces. It's one of the aspects of virtual meetings that I like most. I'm never looking at the backs of people's heads or craning my neck to see. I also love the immediacy of the breakout sessions: you just sit there, and then you're in a group. I "met" so many people I might not have spoken to if I'd been in a group with all of us.”

The dreams that once seemed out of reach will materialize once you eliminate limiting beliefs and embrace your hidden talents. That is why your attendance at Summit 2021 is vital.

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You have been in design for a number of years and want to re-imagine and maximize the profitability of your business.

You realize the way we used to “do design” isn’t what works now, you are leaving money on the table, and you need a simple way to run your business and get paid your worth.

3rd Act

You are in the later stages of your design career and want to streamline your business to have more time for self-care, travel, and family.

You want to have a design business that curates just a few enjoyable and highly profitable jobs every year.


You already attract plenty of clients and design projects but are overwhelmed with too much to do, frustrated with not creating the income that you should have, and don’t have the time to figure it out. You want to graciously let go of the small stuff and focus on the really good jobs.


You see the possibilities that others don’t. You are committed to playing a bigger game, high-end design for elite clients, with huge visibility backed by a “rock star” team, and substantial bottom-line profit. You are looking for clarity and support to create and expand your powerful big vision.

IDBA Members

You have done a great deal of personal development already. You are ready to dive deeper into your wisdom so that you can be a more powerful expression of yourself for your business and those you serve.


You are a painter, florist, furniture maker, window treatment specialist, or other design creative professional who wants to expand your business.

You’re ready to play a bigger game and make more money.

Game Changers

You are focused on creating a new awareness of healthy and supportive environments, developing the marketplace demand for sustainable furnishings and finishes, or even new ways of bringing benefits of good design to everyone.


You are just starting out on your design entrepreneur path and have realized that being able to design a fabulous room is only one-half of the success formula. You want to start out right, understanding your value, and charge what you are worth.

Interior Design Business Academy has successfully run a variety of online virtual workshops and trainings for over 6 years.

What To Expect From Our Virtual Event

Virtual Networking

Interactive Q & A with Terri

Mix & Mingle

💃 Dancing (yes, it is true!)

1:1 virtual conversations

Easy-to-use technology

Break-out Sessions

Online chat

Exact steps for design-fee system

Downloadable system templates, handouts and scripts


Wednesday, November 3 – Friday, November 5, 2021.
We will begin promptly at 11:00 AM EST each day and continue to 7:00 PM EST. The 2021 Summit will end at the earliest at 7:00 PM EST on Friday, the final day.
If you can't make every session, be sure to purchase the Enhanced Ticket so you can access recordings.


Please do not make plans for the evenings, as some event sessions may continue past the designated time.


Step Up






Let Go



I am not kidding.
In fact, I would lay down my reputation on it.

 Your results and success as an interior designer are a direct and irrefutable reflection of your inner beliefs.


After 10 years of mentoring, teaching, and guiding design professionals, I am even more certain that:

Your income and the level of client and design jobs you attract is a direct reflection of what you believe will (and expect to) happen.

Join Us!


Wednesday, November 3rd thru Friday, November 5th, 2021
11:00 AM EST — 7:00 PM EST


Why It’s Essential For You To Attend 2021 Summit

Summit 2021 is where you will learn to shift your inner beliefs and "get the recipe" that will give you the freedom, fulfillment, and income you deserve.

Summit is where you do the “inside” work that allows you to shift into the abundant, confident, well-paid designer you are destined to be.

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Check out what past attendees say about our annual Summit experience...


Wednesday, November 3rd thru Friday, November 5th, 2021
11:00 AM EST — 7:00 PM EST

Here's What You Need to Know:

Join us at Summit to discover what’s been holding you back and release it once and for all so you can finally have the life and business you deserve.

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"I really came out with some super energy to enhance my business.  My goals reaching with gratification and transforming the "oh I am so overwhelmed" to "I'm going to make it" a smooth profitable process. So focused on the transformation of Business versus hobby and not letting that road get crossed. I definitely feel the power to enable the greatest jobs coming my way with lots of confidence!!!"

Miriam Lichtenstein
Miriam Lichtenstein

Sheryl Steinberg
Sheryl Steinberg Interior Design

"Your strategies for running a profitable interior design business are priceless - and mindset is half of that!  Also, you and your team did a superb job of transforming Summit and Retreat into virtual conferences.  It was seamless and really felt like we were together!  As sole business owners, we really need a camaraderie of other designers and a mentor (you) for sharing, support and ideas - there comes a point where you cannot run a business alone to get to take that next step.  I'm so excited to continue on with IDBA next year and see what comes next!"

Who Is The Summit For?

"I really enjoyed Summit, and feel like I received a lot of good information. The thing that really stood out to me was being able to talk and connect with other designers, to hear about what they are going through in their businesses and how they handle certain situations. I often feel like I'm doing this alone, so it's nice to know that there are a lot of other designers out there dealing with the same things as me."

Jessie Marchesseau
Revive Interior Design

Victoria Sheffield
Victoria Sheffield Design

"I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the recent Summit! I laughed and cried as we delved deep into the psychology of issues that hold us back from success. Here’s the big news; I went on consultation 2 days after Summit. The potential client assumed 100k for the budget. In the next moments, I calculated my fee based on my estimated budget for construction. I started by letting her know that I didn’t want her to encounter any surprises and I let her know that my fee would be 20K.  Within 4 hours she contacted me to move forward!"


If I purchase a ticket and can’t make it, do you offer refunds?When is Design Biz Summit 2021?When will I get to meet the other attendees?💃 Did someone say dancing?Will I be able to watch a recording of the virtual sessions?

Stories From Past Summits

Panel Discussion with Wendy

Panel Discussion with Janet

Panel Discussion with Megan

Your EGO is going to come up with a ton of reasons for you to NOT attend. Your family. Your clients, jobs, the installs. The timing.

These very rational excuses are just your ego doing everything it can to keep you in the same place you are now and maintain the status quo. That’s its job.

But, what you also need to know is that the only way you break through is to COMMIT to doing whatever it takes to achieve the life, clients, and jobs you want.

It is easy to say, “I am not ready,” or “I’m gonna figure this out on my own,” or “I’m not sure if this is exactly right for me.” It’s your ego’s way of bargaining with your future and saying, “Oh, I will do it next time.”

The resistance you may be experiencing to join us in November is the exact EVIDENCE telling you this NOW is YOUR time to breakthrough and attend.


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Three incredible days filled with love and support and the tips and strategies to transform your interior design business to one that gets you the lifestyle you want, the clients you desire, and the ability to create massive income from your design jobs.

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✔️ Everything with general admission. 

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These downloadable recordings will be available for 14 days after the event so I can refer back to the content in case I missed anything.

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Offer expires midnight October 27